How To Fix Perspective In iPhone Photos

how to fix perspective in iphone photos katya jackson

Not a long time ago I found a trick how to make a photo of a building much better. You know when you see a beautiful object and want to snapshot it in the way you see it, but then when you check your phone you realize that perspective is wrong? Instead of perfect rectangle or square windows you get something reminding a trapeze? Very beautiful, right?

One type of my photos on Instagram are facades I see in the city. I love London architectureĀ  and it’s literally a heaven for such facade and display windows freaks like me. As much as I wanted to be perfect in this style of photos, I was struggling for a looong time to take a good shot.

The only possible workaround I could think of was to get a bit higher to take a photo or to lift my iPhone a meter up. Carrying a chair everywhere obviously wasn’t an option šŸ™‚ I also wasn’t interested in Photoshop editing, becauseĀ it’s just too much hustle and I wanted a simple solution.

And then I found it! An application that can perfectly fix perspective, horizon and even lens distortion. It’s called SKRWT and it does magic, believe me. It costs only $1.99 and it’s the best purchase I ever made on App Store.

Let’s see how it works.

I like taking photos of coffee shops, especially it’s exterior. And every time I do it, all the vertical lines are a mess. These are before and after photos:

Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo For Instagram
Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo For Instagram

Even though the first photo is ok, I prefer to have vertical lines parallel. In this case I only had to adjust one thing and press Save.

Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo For Instagram

Another example is cute colorful house in Chelsea.

Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo For Instagram building

When I was taking this photo there were other girls doing the same thing, so I wasn’t able to take a good position in order not to screw the lines of the building. Luckily, SKRWT could fix this too.Ok-But-First-Coffee-How-To-Edit-a-Photo-For-Instagram-Chelsea-47

Step 2

Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo for Instagram Chelsea

Before and after. Yeay! It’s ready to be shown on Instagram! (I posted different crop though) .

What is you favorite tool to edit photos? What is your lifesaver? I would love to hear from you, see you in the comments!

Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo For Instagram Chelsea
Ok But First Coffee How To Edit a Photo For Instagram Chelsea

P.S. This trick is also applicable for Android users.



  1. 05.12.2015 / 15:19

    This app is on my to-buy list along with Afterlight app and some presets of VSCOcam for the wonders of phone photography. My favorite photo editing app has got to be VSCOcam for sure. I love their filters and the ease of the application. It’s a game changer.

    • Katya Jackson
      06.12.2015 / 20:13

      I use VSCO all the time, they have lots of filters and they are really cool šŸ™‚

  2. 31.12.2015 / 01:36

    Wow, this is actually super helpful! I always wonder how people achieve the perspective like they are standing completely level with a building. Thanks so much for sharing!


    • Katya Jackson
      04.01.2016 / 12:19

      Hi Jenna,

      you are welcome! This app is one of my fav now šŸ™‚

      You have a beautiful blog!


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