Coffee Shop Leyas or ‘Why It isn’t a good idea to sit down by the front window’

One Saturday morning I went to the FCUK sample sale, where it was almost impossible to leave without a few new dresses. It felt like ‘back to USSR’: they give you a big plastic bag and you walk into a spacious room with rows of endless racks with clothes. You have to work hard with your shoulders to get past other shopaholics to find something worthy. Instead of price tags you get an A4 sheet with approximate values. There are neither fitting rooms nor mirrors and you are not allowed to try on even a jacket.

Altogether it’s rather exhausting and tiring, and after 2 hours all I could think of was a breakfast in a coffee shop nearby which I had been planning to visit for a while. Camden Town is quite a unique London borough, it’s a hang out place for people from different subcultures. That’s why there are almost none of the usual hipster-like coffee shops you can find elsewhere in central London.

Somewhere behind the road construction barriers I discovered ‘Leyas’ – a coffee shop with delicious hot croissants, a collection of antique coffee grinders and vintage furniture. I really love sitting at tables by the window, but.. not always in Camden – occasionally passing males are inclined to flash bits of their bodies you never wanted to see… For the sake of a joke..I guess.

The central painting is by the artist Charlotte LR Whitehead from Liverpool. According to Instagram, it attracts people on the basis that it makes a great background for a funky photo. I liked everything in ‘Leyas’ even though it was busy and it took a while to get my coffee and hot croissant ∗





Where? 20 Camden High Street, London, NW10JH  View Map

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  • Dee

    It looks like such a cozy place… I love the antique coffee grinders.

    • Katya Jackson

      yes, it’s very cozy indeed. Coffee grinders are <3

  • I love the quality of the photos! They look sooo cute! 🙂

    • Katya Jackson

      Thank you Karin 🙂

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