10 Ideas for a street photo in London

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee

When my parents ask me what I do in London in my free time I say ‘I love doing street photography!’. They are like: ‘What? You just photograph a street? Like any street? A road? A wall? What?” Well…yes and no I answered. And then they came to visit me in London and my dad was taking photos of everything: signs, tube, houses, cars, etc. I found myself giving him advice on what he can take a photo of to capture London and London life.

This is what I recommended:

1. Outdoor cafes

Regardless of the season you will always find somebody standing or sitting outside a pub or a restaurant. British pubs look great on photos and people out front will make your picture look alive.  London coffee shops are also not to be missed out. There are many with eye catching exteriors and are an essential part of London street life.
10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Outdoor Cafes


2. A Black Cab

This is a symbol of London for me and they make a photo look great. When crossing the road you can stop in the middle (at a special place for pedestrians) and you will always see one of two of them in front in a line waiting for the green light. Perfect shot. I like taking a photo of a black cab in Soho, where the streets are narrow and they drive slowly.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Black Cab


3. Facades

This is my favorite type of photography. I love London houses and this is what I photograph the most. Stand in front of the building, find an interesting detail and take a shot using the Rule of Thirds. Londoners like to cycle and if you find a parked bicycle in front of a pretty house I can guarantee your photo will look very cute.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - facade


4. Window displays

When I moved to London I wanted to work as a visual merchandiser – setting up window displays for shops. Selfridges, Anthropology, Harrods… I spend more time outside staring at how they organize displays rather then buying anything. For me it’s also a source of inspiration in terms of composition – they are really professionals in what they do. Christmas is probably the best time for a beautiful shot of a window display.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - window displays


5. #StrideBy

Find an interesting background (i.e. a wall with street art on it), get your friend to walk slowly past and take a photo from a good distance. Tip 1: place a person in the way that he or she ‘faces’ the biggest space of the photo. That’s how it looks more natural for our eyes. Tip 2: if you are alone just wait for a pedestrian to pass by.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Stride By


6. Vintage cars

London is a great place to find vintage cars. I am always curious who owns them. In my mind I picture an old Englishman wearing dark brown trousers, shirt and a vest. He would have a pocket watch and a cabbie hat. Sometimes I really see such people driving these old cars in London. Are they Lords?

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Vintage Car


7. Tree Blossom

Spring is my favourite time in London. The city turns into one big garden with magnolia and sakura blossom. Go to South Kensington and Notting Hill for a photo of a beautiful facade covered in flowers. Don’t miss The Churchill Arms, it looks fantastic!

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Churchill Arms


8. Street fashion

There are so many fashionable people living in London. Whether it’s someone in West London dressed in high street brands or more relaxed fashionistas of the East, there is something common in the way Londoners dress. They like to experiment, mix different pieces and stand out from the crowd. I find a hat to be the most popular accessory amongst Londoners…after an umbrella of course.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Street fashion


9. Reflections – #puddlegram

The rainy weather here does have one upside…presenting a great photography opportunity. Use puddles to find interesting reflections of buildings, cars or anything else. You may need to use a Selective tool in Snapseed to increase the brightness and contrast of the reflection.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - puddlegram

 photo by @mumhad1ofthose


10. Markets

Markets are an important part of London life. You will need to wake up early to catch it in its best moments and to avoid most of the tourists. While Portobello is an obvious choice, I recommend to visit Spitalfields Market, Columbia Road Market and Brixton Market. Start with a cup of coffee and stroll along the stalls.

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - Markets


And a bonus – London rooftops!

I’m lucky to live at the top floor where I can enjoy this view. You can find 15 locations to take a photo of the city from above in London Photo Guide. To learn more and get instant access to 2 locations, sign up here >>>

10 ideas for street photo in London - Ok But First Coffee - London from above


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  • Loved this post – and your photos! All great ideas, especially the coffee shops. I often think that people in shots “ruin” photos, but in London, they make them all the more interesting!

    • Thank you! I love taking photos of coffee shop and used to wait for people to leave. But you are right, they make the photo look more interesting 🙂

  • Beautiful photos, and great tips. I went to London a few years ago, but I did not have enough time to explore the more quiet areas. I take a lot of architecture shots here in nyc though.

    • Thanks a lot! It’s my dream to go to NYC for a street photography!

  • Great Blog with nice Images. I Liked the way how you have covered different different places. I will keep it in mind while going there.

    • Thanks you very much! When are you coming to London?

      • Thanks for your reply Katya. May be this Nov.

  • cool ideas!

  • Enjoyed reading your tips. Will certainly keep them in mind for when next we go walking about town. However, we think you missed one of our favorites…London street art! 🙂 They pop up in the most unusual places. We especially love them when they are done with meaning and add to the character of a place…like Brixton.

    • Thank you 🙂 Yeesss, street art!!! Ok, it’s a good idea actually for the next post 😉

  • Great idea and so inspiring photos. Thank you!

  • Great tips and photos! My favorite photo is the one with the vintage car. I really want to plan a trip to London someday.

    • Thank you very much! There are so many cars here to take a photo of 🙂 Come come!

  • Great photos and great ideas ! i’ll try and remember some of these next time I go down to London.