I know you going to love this! Enter Giveaway right here >>> What am I giving away: Travel iPhone Photography Course – you will learn how to find your unique style in photography and master your skills shooting with just an iPhone SKRWT app – number one tool for editing perspective FaceTune app – the best for whitening photos. No more yellow tones! TouchRetouch app – I use it all the time to ’clean’ dirt from photos Collect app – the best way to collect memories, not just photos Joby Tripod $50 Gift Card to spend on Artifact Uprising Honestly, Artifact Uprising is an amazing company. They have beautiful products for photographers and instagramers, including photo books and wood calendars. I’m very excited for a winner of this Give Away!   HOW TO WIN THE TRAVEL IPHONE PHOTOGRAPHER KIT: 1. Enter the giveaway here! 2. You will get your unique Lucky URL after you enter the giveaway. Share this link with friends. 2. For every friend that you refer, you get THREE additional entries into the giveaway! 3. The more people you refer to sign up, the more chances you have to win. Awesome! This contest is on till 23th of January. That means… View Post

“Remember, the composition is important, but also rules are meant to be broken,” says Steve McCurry, an American editorial photographer best known for his 1984 photograph ‘Afghan Girl’. “So the main point is to enjoy yourself while you’re photographing and photograph in your own way and your own style.” Instead of rules, let’s talk about principles in London photography. These are what I keep in mind when taking photos in London or elsewhere. 1. Simplicity When taking a photo of London try to have a simple frame, in order to make your main subject stand out. This is especially true when you are taking photos of buildings and houses. Cut out everything that will distract the viewer and focus on something unique and eye-catching. There is a whole chapter in the ‘London Photo Guide’ dedicated to mews, which are small streets in London originally functioning as stables a few centuries ago. It’s a row of houses and when taking a photo, you should choose just one and exclude other building from the photo. 2. Leading lines A leading line creates a path for our eye to follow through all the elements of a photo. Think about a road or a… View Post

So basically, if you ever wanted to feel as a King or a Queen and have your cup of coffee in a place looks like a palace room with high ceilings, mosaic windows and live classic music – you should head to Victoria & Albert Museum. It’s not so obvious from outside, but шf you go to V&A, pass all the shops on the ground floor and get to inner court you will find one of my favorite hidden places in London – V&A Coffee Shop. I sometimes go there for my lunch break to chill and do some blog work. I really like the fact that it’s hidden and not everyone knows about it.  Now the weather is not so good to sit outside, but at summer it’s a small paradise with a small pond in the middle of the court. Interior design is simply mind blowing, I’m amazed every time I go there. Must visit! P.S. One of my resolutions will be to stop eating muffins … but seriously, I just can’t resist, they look so delicious! London, what are you doing! Where? Cromwell Rd, London SW7 2RL View Map Want to know the best places for beautiful… View Post

What I love doing the most is planing my trips and booking this time in my calendar. Yes, I’m a planning geek… Anyway, I recently went to Portugal for work and small holiday after. Lisbon is the place where I got an idea of starting this blog. I was very excited to back and explore this city one more time. The beauty of going to the same place for the second time is there is no rush to see as much as possible. This time I checked all my favourite places in the city centre, had a massive overdose of pastel de nata and spent some on a beach in Cascais. If you go to Lisbon, check out these 2 places: Pastéis de Belém Manteigaria Fábrica de Pastéis de Nata And please, don’t feel guilty about holiday fat after all Pastel de Natas you eat there… It really worth it! 😀

It’s a perfect time of the year when the summer is gone and everything has turned into yellow and red colours, even the front windows of shops! Autumn is my favourite time of the year for photography and I would like to challenge you for a week with daily themes for photos. Dates: 1 – 7 November 2016 How it works: Every morning for 1 week I will be sending you an email with a topic of the day and all you need to do is to take that photo and post it on your Instagram with a hastag #instaphotomission Simple! The challenge is open to EVERYONE from all around the world. How much does it cost? – FREE Do you wanna have fun? Sign up now!

I’m very thankful for this September; it’s been full of interesting people, places and surprises. As always I had a hard time choosing only 9 photos to summarize the past month. Between painting the flat and sanding windows (never ever again…) I had a chance to visit the house of English textile designer William Morris. The famous Red House was amazing and I again gave myself a promise to do more stuff like that… will see! My UK Bucket List keeps me on track with all the things I want to do while here. I recommend everyone to come up with something similar because when you are not a tourist it can be very tempting to be lazy and postpone sightseeing. The best moment of the month was my birthday which was a joint celebration together with my friend who came a day earlier than planned. This was the first time in my life when somebody organized a proper surprise for me and I was basically on cloud nine! It was a four days celebration that finished in a courtyard techno club on Brick Lane (something that I would not have expected to do this year). I also went to… View Post

Every Saturday my husband and I start the day with a discussion on who’s going to get out of bed and make the coffee. Whilst I don´t really have a problem with it being me, Nick’s argument is that I have a coffee blog and so there’s no question about who the coffee maker is in our house. My latest coffee discovery is White Americano (aka ‘white amo’) but I used to be a huge fan of flat white. My goal is to learn about the many different styles of brewing coffee, and so far my skills cover Latte and Americano. I thought it would be a good idea to keep moving towards my caffeine-centred goal so this week I went to a Flat White Masterclass run by Costa Coffee. But just before we move on – ‘what is a Flat White?’ I hear you ask (as do the local baristas in my home country of Russia). Let me explain… Flat white is an espresso with hot steamed milk which gives the coffee a very smooth texture. There is no froth hence it’s known as ‘Flat’ and it’s actually one of Costa’s signature drinks. My first encounter with Costa Coffee was… View Post